Women Section

Ruchi Singh
Ruchi SinghSenior Researcher and PhD student at the Institute of Pathology in New Delhi, has become the first Indian recipient of the UNESCO L'Oreal Women in Science Fellowship in 2006. She was presented the fellowship along with 14 other young women scientists from different parts of the world in Paris . Ruchi's research focuses on drug sensitivity and gene expression in the human parasite, Leishmania donovani.

Awardees of INSA Medal For Young Scientists, 2006

Poonam Chandra
Dr Poonam Chandra (D.O.B: 05.11.1975), PhD, Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Astronomy, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA. She is an astronomer who has effectively used the Giant Metre wave Radio Telescope (GMRT) and other radio telescopes to conduct novel and important studies of circumstellar interaction in a supernova and a gamma ray repeater over a wide range of frequencies.

Dr Pratima Mohan Kessarkar (D.O.B:09.08.1972), PhD, Principal Investigator, Geological Oceanography Division, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa. Using a variety of rock magnetic geochemical and isotopic data from sediment cores of the Bay of Bengal. Dr Kessarkar has carried out extensive studies to understand changes in sediment supply and distribution during the late Quaternary. Her work has established changes in sources of sediments and a lack of turbidite activity over the last 12k years which has implications for organic carbon buried and CO2 requestiation from the atmosphere.

Dr Prachee Prakash (D.O.B : 30.04.1977), PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, E Peter Geiduschek Lab, Centre for Molecular Genetics, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0634, USA. Her work relates to Molecular insight into iron acquisition, aromatic amino acid biosynthesis and immune response evasion by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Dr Vandana Mishra (D.O.B: 16.06.1977), PhD, Lecturer, Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems (CEMDE), University of Delhi, Delhi 110007.Dr Vandana Mishra has done outstanding work on prospecting of ribosome inactivating proteins (RIP) of Viscum album (L). She has provided structural basis for unique sugar binding properties of RIPs by determining its three dimensional structure. She has also determined the structure of the RIP complexed with a natural inhibitor.

Dr Omita Ashit Trivedi (D.O.B :.04.04.1977), PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pathology, The University of Chicago, 5841 S Maryland Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, USA. For discovering a new class of acyl AMP ligase and elucidating biochemical cross talk between fatty acid syntheses and polyketide synthases in mycobacteria.