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Neelima Gupte

Education: B.Sc from University of Bombay in 1976, M.Sc from IIT , Bombay in 1978 and Ph.D from State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1983. She has subsequently worked at the University of Hyderabad, and was on the faculty of Pune University from 1985 to 1993.Now works as a Professor in the Department of Physics, IIT, Madras.

Fields of Specialization: Non-linear dynamics, Chaos, Statistical physics.Some important results obtained by her and her collaborators include the phase transition analogs of the thermodynamics of multifractals, the method of impulsive synchronisation and the enhancement of the efficiency of load-bearing and communication networks. Her current research interests include the analysis of spatio-temporal intermittency in extended systems, chaotic advection and the study of networks.

Awarded: Stree Shakti Science Samman,2006 jontly.

Some of her recent Publications which have achieved International acclaims are mentioned hereunder:
1. Cross-over Behaviour in a communication network, B.K. Singh and N. Gupte (2003).
2. Networks: structure, function and optimisation N. Gupte, B.K. Singh and T.M. Janaki (2005).
3. A perspective in Nonlinear Dynamics, N. Gupte, R. Ramaswamy and R. Roy (2005).
4. Congestion and de-congestion in a communication network B.K. Singh and N. Gupte (2005).
5. Dynamical characterisers of spatiotemporal intermittency Z. Jabeen and N. Gupte (2005).
6. Spatio-temporal intermittency and scaling laws in coupled maplattices N. Gupte and Z. Jabeen (2005).
7. Role of connectivity in congestion and decongestion in communication networks N. Gupte and B.K. Singh (2006).

Source: http://www.physics.iitm.ac.in