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Physical Sciences

Indrani Bose

Date of Birth?: 15-08-1951

Education: Ph.D (Calcutta)
Professor Bose got all her scientific training while working in Calcutta only, and she achieved both national and international recognition in rather difficult circumstances.She has single-handedly developed a strong solid-state theory group in the Bose Institute, devoted to the study of magnetism, strongly correlated systems and exactly soluble quantum models. She is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore.

Fields of Specialization:Strongly correlated systems, quantum anti ferromagnets, lattice statistical models and cross-disciplinary physics including biological physics.
Biological physics areas of interest include the protein folding problem, biological evolution, neutral networks, stochasticity in biological systems and biological networks.

Awarded Streeshakti Science Samman as the "Woman Scientist of the Year"2000. She is awarded for her exact solutions of model Hamiltonians in low dimensions, relevant to magnetism in Condensed Matter Physics. Her models and their solutions have not only mathematical rigour, but in recent years these models and their solutions have become important in view of their impact on the experimental community. Due to advancement of technology, it has become possible to reach an extremely low temperature to verify the predictions of the theory for low dimensional materials.

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