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Publications of DBT  
The DBT bring out various publications for the benefit of scientists, academicians and public at large coveying the informations about various programmes undertaken by the department and its associated institutions. ..
Biotechnology -Highlights  
The Department of Biotechnology is committed to generate excellence in biotechnology research for a strong, indigenous knowledge base and to ensure its application as a premier precision tool for creation of economic wealth for the welfare of the soci ..
Biotechnology A Vision  
This document represents the vision of many distinguished biotechnologists of the country and some eminent non-resident Indian scientists associated with the programmes and advisory committees of the Department of Biotechnology. ..
Biospectrum --- The Business of Biotech (Magazine published by Cybermedia)  
BioSpectrum come to you from CYBERMEDIA who have been connecting IT professionals and industry through their premium publications for over two decades. The Monthly Magazine on Biotechnology Covering the most important happenings in biotechnology, Bios ..
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