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JC Bose National Fellowships
Description: The fellowship is meant to recognize active scientists and engineers for their outstanding performance and contributions. The Department of Science & Technology will administer this scheme. The fellowships are scientist specific, very selective. All areas of science (in the broadest terms) will be covered by this fellowship.

i) The fellowship is open to Indian Nationals residing in India who are below the age of 60 years.
ii) The applicant should possess a higher degree or equivalent: namely Ph.D in Science/Engineering, Masters in Engineering or Technology/MD in Medicine etc. and must have carried out several years of work in the specific area.
iii) These Fellowships are meant for those who have a proven track record as evident from their research publications and recognitions.
iv) The candidate must have a regular position in an Institute/Organization and should be engaged in research. If he is availing of any other fellowship, he/she will have to opt for only one of the fellowships. Duration: The duration of the fellowship will be initially for five years. Nature of support:
The value of the fellowship will be of Rs.20,000/- per month in addition to regular income. In addition, each Fellow will receive a contingency of Rs.5.00 lakh per annum for conferences and other expenses. The JC Bose National Fellows would be eligible for regular research grants through the extramural and other research schemes of various S&T agencies of the Government of India.

Methodology For Selection: The Institution at which the candidate is working would provide the necessary R&D, Administrative and basic infrastructural support for research. The candidate will continue to work at the place of his employment. The availability of JC Bose Fellowships will be advertised by various academic and research Institutions on their websites in order to receive applications from the interested scientists and engineers. The Institutions will subsequently submit their recommended nominations to the Department of Science & Technology. Institutions may consider setting up appropriate mechanisms to scrutinize and recommend the nominations.
Individual scientists and engineers can also approach the institutions for seeking their hosting and forwarding their nominations to DST for the Fellowship. Selection of JC Bose Fellows will be made periodically by an empowered Search and Selection Committee specially appointed for the purpose. The nominations of scientists and technologists by the Institutions would be received throughout the year.
Contact: All nominations may be sent to: Dr Praveer Asthana Scientist G Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi ? 110 016.For details visit Website:
Source: Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India