General S&T Awards
Burhani Foundation - NEERI Award
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Burhani Foundation (India) a registered Trust, was established in 1991. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute: (NEERI) was established in 1958 as a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
Detail: Award given for
(i) Outstanding and socially Relevant R&D in Environmentally Sound Technologies &
(ii) Innovation in Environmental Management / conservation, which results in significant improvement in environment.
The award consists a citation and cash Prize of Rs. One Lakh.
Nominations may be made by Vice Chancellors of Universities / deemed Universities; Chairman, UGC; DGCSIR / ICAR/ ICMR/ DRDO, Presidents of approved scientific societies and academies of All India Nature; Secretaries of S&T Dept. such as DST, DBT, DSIR, DOD, MNES, MOEF, Atomic Energy and Commerce and Industry Ministries, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Human Resource Development; Member Planning Commission (Science). Nominations will be accepted only on prescribed proforma. The nominee in the first category will be an individual while nominee for second category can be any individual or an organization as per the detailed description in the brochure. Nominations from individuals sponsoring their own names will not be considered.
Contact: Director, NEERI, Nehru Marg, Nagpur 440020 Ph: 0712-2249999, Fax: 0712 ?2249900.
Web site: http://,
National Awards for R&D Efforts in Industry
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Department of Scientific & Industrial Research ,Ministry of Science and Technology Government of India
Detail: In order to give encouragement to research and development in industry, DSIR instituted National in-house R&D awards for outstanding R&D achievements of Indian Industry in the year 1988. These awards are in the form of shields made of sterling silver and are presented along with citations at the inaugural session of the Annual National Conference on in-house R&D in industry. During the past 16 years, 139 such R&D awards have been presented by DSIR. Till the year 2000, the eligibility for these awards was restricted to those industries whose in-house centres were recognized by DSIR. Since the year 2001, these awards were thrown open to all units of Indian industries, registered as corporate companies, which may be public limited companies, private limited companies, partnership or proprietary concerns registered in India. Branches of foreign companies which are not registered as company in India, are not eligible to apply for these awards. DSIR invites applications from all industries, irrespective of DSIR recognition, for National Awards in the following sectors/ areas:1. Chemical and Allied Industries 2. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Industries 3. Bio-tech Industries 4. Electrical Industries 5. Electronic / Opto electronic Industries 6. Computer Software 7. Mechanical Engineering Industries 8. Infrastructure Development 9. Processing Industries 10. Agro and Food Processing Industries 11. New Materials 12. Renewable Energy Systems 13. Energy Conservation 14. Pollution Control and Environmental Protection 15. Technology Exports 16. Technology Absorption (of imported technologies) 17. Successful Commercialisation of Technologies acquired from Others.
Contact: The application pro forma along with guidelines are available at the Website.:
Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards
Ministry/Department/Organisation: The University Grants Commission
Detail: The University Grants Commission with the help of an endowment made by Hari Om Ashram Trust, Nadiad, has instituted these awards to be awarded every year to outstanding scientists from 1974 onwards. Now the value of each award is enhanced from Rs. 10,000/-each to Rs. 50,000/- each which includes UGC's share of Rs.40,000/-. These awards are :
1)The Jagdish Chandra Bose Award for Research in Life Sciences.
2)The Sir C.V. Raman Award for Research in Physical Sciences.
3)The Meghnad Saha Award for Research in Theoretical Sciences.
4)The Homi J. Bhabha Award for Research in Applied Sciences.
5)Award to outstanding Scientists/Social Scientists in the field of Interaction between Science and Society. General Guidelines for Governing the Awards :
Only contributions by Indian Scientists individual or by a team of 2-3 persons would be eligible for this award. The institutions or organisations are not covered under the scheme. The prize would be awarded to an individual or a team for outstanding contributions to the development of interaction between science (including Technology) and society and which has made conspicuously important contribution to the development of Indian Society. In deciding the award attention would be focused on the specific contributions made during the last five to seven years period.
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Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize
Ministry/Department/Organisation: CSIR
Detail: The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Science and Technology is given for research contributions made primarily in India during the past five years. The age of the nominee should not be more than 45 years as on 31 December. It is awarded for notable and outstanding research, applied or fundamental, in the following disciplines: 1) Biological Sciences, (2) Chemical Sciences, (3) Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary Sciences, (4) Engineering Sciences, (5) Mathematical Sciences, (6) Medical Sciences, and (7) Physical Sciences.

The Award carries with it a citation, a plaque and a cash award of Rs. 2,00,000 (Rupees two lakh only) for each scientist.

Nominations should be sent to the Head, Human Resource Development Group (HRDG), CSIR Complex, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi 110 012, as per the prescribed pro-forma (25 copies) and one set of reprints of significant publications of the last 5 years? period on or before 31 March .

Contact: For more information visit:
Jamnalal Bajaj Awards for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation
Detail: A cash Award of Rs. two lakhs, a trophy and citation to be given annually to an individual / individuals for outstanding contribution in the field of application of science and technology for rural development, particularly for the benefit of the weaker sections of the people. Application of science and technology for rural development may cover any one or more of the following fields/areas:

Agriculture - improvement in land use - reclamation of waste land and schemes of land shaping; - multiple and new cropping patterns - improvement in techniques of cultivation, seeds agricultural tools and marketing facilities and methods Post-harvest technology.
Animal husbandry - improvement in livestock - Dairy; improvement in fodder supply, development of new fodder - Development of poultry, fish culture, etc.
Rural and cottage industries - rural engineering.
Afforestation for better environment - improvement in ecology through other measures.
Health - supply of pure drinking - water- improvement in sanitation low cost balanced diet.
Water-minor irrigation - water management including storage and conservation coupled with equitable distribution systems - repair and maintenance of water supply systems.
Energy - Development of practical application of renewable sources like solar, wind and water power, gobar gas, introduction of improved / smokeless chulhas.
Rural housing - Designing constructing and fabricating cheap and affordable houses in rural areas with emphasis on use of locally available material and use of local labour. Improvement in village roads, transport and communication systems. Rural Education - Improvement in communication systems-
Computer technology- Literacy campaigns, Improvement in attendance, reduction of dropouts, etc. The application of Science and technology should embody the use of alternative renewable sources of energy and of local resources, materials and human skills, and it should be within the means of the local population. (The list given above is only illustrative and not exhaustive. Areas of current national importance and priorities and also those activities which result in greater employment and income generation in rural areas may be given preference in selection.)
Criteria for Evaluation In assessing the merits of individuals for the above Award , the overall impact and the spread effect of their work and the specific benefits accruing there from to the people, will be taken into account. In particular, the following will be considered: In what way and to what extent:
The work done has helped the weaker sections of society including landless labour, migrant labour, slum dwellers etc. (Antyodaya)
It has promoted increased productivity without displacing labour,
It has led to fuller employment;
It has brought about more equitable distribution and social equality
It has motivated people towards self - help and self - reliance;
It has provided training facilities for workers;
It has removed drudgery and has helped in improvement of the quality of life of the people.

Preference will be given to those individuals who have been doing their work through an institutional set up, have fostered the spirit of team work and have developed a second line of leadership to ensure stability and continuity of the activities/ projects undertaken by them.

ISCA Awards
Ministry/Department/Organisation: The Indian Science Congress Association
Detail: ISCA initiated giving awards to eminent Indian Scientists starting from 1965. This gives opportunities to the Association to honour scientists of repute. Until 1988, all the awards were funded by voluntary benevolent donations. From 1988 onwards, ISCA instituted some awards from its own funds. I. Award instituted from benevolent donations.Name of the Awards/Lectures

1. B.C. Guha Memorial Lecture
2. G.P. Chatterjee Memorial Award
3. Professor Hira Lal Chakravarty Award
4.Professor, K.P. Rode Memorial Lecture
5. Pran Vohra Award
6. Raj Krisno Dutt Memorial Award
7. Professor Umakant Sinha Memorial Award
8. Dr. B.C. Deb Memorial Award for Soil/Physical Chemistry
9. Dr. B.C. Deb Memorial Award for Popularisation of Science
10. Prof. R.C. Shah Memorial Lecture
11. R.C. Mehrotra Commemoration Lecture
12. Prof. Sushil Kumar Mukherjee Commemoration Lecture
13. Prof. (Mrs.) Anima Sen Memorial Lecture
14. Prof. S.S. Katiyar commemoration Lecture
15. Dr. (Mrs.) Gouri Ganguly Memorial Award for Young Scientists in Animal Sciences

II. Award instituted by ISCA from its own funds Name of the Awards/Lectures

1. Asutosh Mookerjee Memorial Award
2. C.V. Raman Birth Centenary Award
3. Srinivasa Ramanujan Birth Centenary Award
4. Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Award
5. M.N. Saha Birth Centenary Award
6. P.C. Mahalanobis Birth Centenary Award
7. J.C. Bose Memorial Award
8. P.C. Ray Memorial Award
9. S.N. Bose Birth Centenary Award
10. S.K. Mitra Birth Centenary Award
11. Birbal Sahni Birth Centenary Award
12. H.J. Bhaba Memorial Award
13. S.S. Bhatnagar Memorial Award
14. Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Award
15. D.S. Kothari Memorial Award
16. B.P. Pal Memorial Award
17. Jawaharlal Nehru Prize

Contact: The Indian Science Congress Association, 14, Dr. Biresh Guha St.,Kolkata-700 017.
ISCA Young Scientist's Award
Ministry/Department/Organisation: The Indian Science Congress Association
Detail: To encourage Young Scientists, The Indian Science Congress Association under the above programme introduced a number of awards in January 1981. Each award which used to carry a Cash amount of Rs.5,000/- is now increased to Rs. 25,000/- and a Certificate of merit. 1. Applications or nominations are invited from members (Life & Ordinary) of the Association are eligible for consideration for the award. The upper age limit of the candidates for the award is 32 years

The Sections are : (1) Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (2) Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sciences (3) Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences (including Archaeology and Psychology & Educational Sciences) (4) Chemical Sciences (5) Earth System Sciences (6) Engineering Sciences (7) Environmental Sciences (8) Information and Communication Science & Technology (including Computer Sciences) (9) Materials Science (10) Mathematical Sciences (including Statistics) (11) Medical Sciences (including Physiology) (12) New Biology (including Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) (13) Physical Sciences and (14) Plant Sciences.
Contact: All correspondences should be made to
The General Secretary (Hqrs.)
The Indian Science Congress Association, 14, Dr. Biresh Guha St., Kolkata-700017.
Tel. Nos. (033) 2240-2551/2247-4530 Fax No.91-33-2240-2551
E-mail: /
Website :
INSA Awards for which Nomination is Made to Council by President
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Indian National Science Academy
Detail: 1) INSA International Awards: Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Medal

The award was established in 1989 by the Academy. The award will be made annually for international cooperation in Science &Technology and for contributions to public understanding of Science. Scientists from all nations are eligible for consideration. The award carries a bronze medal and a citation.
Procedure for Selection and Other conditions :President INSA, shall suggest names for consideration by the Council at its meeting in October in the year preceding the year of award. The name selected by the Council shall be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy.

2) INSA General Medals and lectures Awards:

The Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Medal The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Medal
The Meghnad Saha Medal The Aryabhata Medal
INSA Medal for Promotion & Service to Science The Sisir Kumar Mitra Memorial Lecture
The Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan Memorial Lecture The Daulat Singh Kothari Memorial Lecture
Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Lecture

a. (Medals Any Branch of Science):

The Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Medal The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Medal
The Meghnad Saha Medal The Aryabhata Medal

Procedure for Selection and Other Conditions The above Medals shall be awarded every two years for outstanding contributions in any branch of science coming within the purview of the Academy. Two out of the four General Medals will be awarded each year, one in biological sciences and the other in physical sciences. The award will consist of a Copper medal (gold plated).

b. INSA Medal for Promotion and Service to Science :

The Medal was established by the Academy in the year 2001 for purpose of recognising those who have rendered exceptional service for promoting science in India.
Procedure for Selection and Other Conditions The Medal shall be awarded once in every two years for exceptional service to promoting Science in India. The prize is open to any Indian national and will carry a gold medal of 20 gram weighage

c. Lectures : Any Branch of Science i) The Sisir Kumar Mitra Memorial Lecture :The lecture was established in the year 1963 from the General Funds of the Academy in the memory of late Professor Sisir Kumar Mitra, a Foundation Fellow and past President of the Academy. The first award was made in the year 1966.
ii) The Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan Memorial Lecture :The lecture was established in the year1965 from the General Funds of the Academy in the memory of late Professor Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan, a Foundation Fellow and past President of the Academy. Effective from 1992, the above two awards will be made once in three years (one each for Biological and Physical Sciences) for outstanding contributions in any branch of science coming within the purview of the Academy.
iii) The Daulat Singh Kothari Memorial Lecture :The lecture was established in the year 1993 from the General Funds of the Academy in the memory of the late Professor Daulat Singh Kothari, an esteemed Fellow and a past President of the Academy. The first award was made in the year 1996 and thereafter repeated every three years.
Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Lecture The lecture was established in 1989 from the general funds of the Academy. Two lectureships are awarded every year to Indian scientists.
Contact: For more information visit :
INSA Awards where Nominations are Invited from Fellowship
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Indian National Science Academy
Detail: 1) International Awards :INSA Vainu Bappu Memorial Award

The award was established in 1985 from an endowment of Rs 3 lakhs by Mrs Sunanna Bappu, mother of the late Dr. Manali Vainu Bappu, an eminent astronomer and a Fellow of the Academy. The award is to be given once in three years to an Astronomer/Astrophysicist of international recognition. The first award was announced in 1985. The award consists of a bronze Medal and honorarium of Rs.25000/- and TA/DA for journey performed to deliver the award lecture. In the event of the award being given to a foreign Scientist, the international airfare will be met and he may be provided with cash equivalent of the honorarium in US dollars.

2) General Medals and Lectures Awards : Indira Gandhi Prize for Popularization of Science

The award was instituted by INSA in 1986 to encourage and recognize popularization of science. The prize shall be awarded once in two years for outstanding work done by an individual for the popularization of science in any Indian language, including English. The nominee must have had a distinguished career as a writer, editor, journalist, lecturer, radio or television programme director, science photographer or as an illustrator, which has enabled him/her to interpret science (including medicine), research and technology to the public. He/She should have a knowledge of the role of science, technology and research in the enrichment of cultural heritage and in solution of problems of humanity. The first award was made in 1986.
The prize is open to any Indian national residing in the country and will carry Rs 10,000/- in cash and a bronze medal .

3) Subject Wise Medal/Lecture Awards :

a) Medals Instituted by the Academy

The Srinivasa Ramanujan Medal ? for Mathematics or a related subject
The Satyendranath Bose Medal ? for Theoretical Physics
The Homi Jehangir Bhabha Medal ? for Experimental Physics
The Jagadis Chandra Bose Medal ? for Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology & related areas
The Sunder Lal HoraMedal ? for Plant and Animal Sciences
The Darashaw Nosherwanji Wadia Medal ? for Earth Sciences, Geology, Geophysics, Geography
The Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Medal ? for Engineering & Technology
The Syed Husain Zaheer Medal ? for Engineering & Technology
The Silver Jubilee Commemoration Medal ? for Agriculture and Applied Sciences
The Golden Jubilee Commemoration Medal ? for Chemical sciences
The Golden Jubilee Commemoration Medal ? for Biological Sciences
The Kalpathi Ramakrishna Ramanathan Medal ? for Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology

The following conditions shall govern the above awards:
The medals shall be awarded once in three years for outstanding contributions to the discipline of science concerned. Eminence is to be judged in accordance with the criterion that the scientific work of the candidate is such that its impact has been felt for a considerable length of time.
The Copper Medal (Silver plated)

b) Endowed Medals

( Once in Three Year )

Vishwakarma Medal
Professor Brahm Prakash Memorial Medal
Professor Shyam Bahadur Saksena Memorial Medal
Professor GN Ramachandran 60th Birthday Commemoration Medal
Professor TR Seshadri 70thBirthday Commemoration Medal
Professor KP Bhargava Memorial Medal
Professor K Naha Memorial Medal
Professor Krishna Sahai Bilgrami Memorial Medal

( Once in Five Years )

The Chandrakala Hora Memorial Medal
Shri Dhanwantari Prize.

c) Endowment Lectures

( Every Year )

Professor Bal Dattatraya Tilak Lecture

( Every Two Year )

Dr TS Tirumurti Memorial Lecture
Dr Nitya Anand Endowment Lecture
INSA Prize for Materials Science
Professor S Swaminathan 60th Birthday Commemoration Lecture
Dr Darshan Ranganathan Memorial Lecture

( Every Three Years )

Professor MRN Prasad Memorial Lecture
The Biresh Chandra Guha Memorial Lecture T
The Bashambar Nath Chopra Lecture
Professor Shambu Nath De Memorial Lecture
Professor Vishnu Vasudeva Narlikar Memorial Lecture
Dr Jagdish Shankar Memorial Lecture
Professor Vishwa Nath Memorial Lecture
Dr. Biren Roy Memorial Lecture Professor
Sadhan Basu Memorial Lecture
Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row Memorial Lecture

( Every Four Years )

Professor K Rangadhama Rao Memorial Lecture
Professor Rango Krishna Asundi Memorial Lecture
Professor Toppur Seethapathi Sadasivan Lecture
Professor Panchanan Maheshwari Memorial Lecture

( Every Five Year )

Dr Guru Prasad Chatterjee Memorial Lecture
Professor Har Swarup Memorial Lecture
Contact: For more information visit :
INSA Young Scientist Awards
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Indian National Science Academy
Detail: 1) INSA Medal for Young Scientists :

In 1974, the Academy, in association with Kothari Scientific Research Institute, instituted the scheme of Science Academy Medals for Young Scientists with the aim of distinguishing young scientists of extraordinary promise and creativity who have made notable research contributions in Science and Technology. Since 1981, however, this award has been solely managed and funded by INSA. The INSA Young Scientists Award, considered to be the highest recognition of promise, creativity and excellence in a young scientist, is made annually to those distinguished for these attributes as evidenced by their research work carried out in India.

Eligibility The award of an Academy medal to a Young Scientist shall be made in recognition of notable contributions to any branch of science or technology, recognized by the Academy, on the basis of work carried out in India. Any citizen of India who has not attained the age of 35 years on December 31, of the year preceding the year of award, shall be eligible for the award.

Number of Awards The number of awards to be made in any year will be limited to 15. However, in extraordinary cases when exceptionally good scientists have been identified for recognition, this number may be increased to 20.

Nominations and Last Date A notification inviting nominations for the award shall be issued each year after the Council Meeting of the Academy held in May. A candidate may be proposed by a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy or by earlier recipients of this award. Scientific Society of national standing, university faculty, Post-Graduate department or research institutions may also make nominations of eligible candidates. A candidate may only be nominated once. However, a nomination will remain valid for consideration for 3 years or the age eligibility whichever expires earlier

Each awardees will be presented a Bronze Medal, a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 25,000/-. In addition, in exceptionally needy cases, the recipient may be considered for start-up research support with seed money. The awardees within five years of receipt of award, will be considered for a visit abroad with full support for presenting research work at conferences, and/or participating in collaborative / training research projects wherever possible. As part of their career development, those young scientists who have been unable to obtain suitable placement, may be considered for an interim Fellowship (amount depending on the qualification and Research experience) and contingency of Rs. 25,000/- per year. To avail of this Fellowship, the awardees should be attached to some research/ academic institution.

The tenure of the Fellowship will be for a maximum period of three years

2) Professor LSS Kumar Memorial Award :

Established in 1986 out of an endowment of Rs 10,000/- by Mrs K Kumar, widow of Professor LSS Kumar, to commemorate the memory of Professor LSS Kumar, an eminent Fellow known for his contributions to Genetics and Plant Breeding.

Eligibility and Values :The award shall be given to a recipient of INSA Medal for Young Scientists for the year in the disciplines of Plant Sciences (Sectional Committee VI), Animal Sciences (Sectional Committee VII) and Agricultural Sciences (Sectional Committee X) by rotation, i.e. first award will be made to Plant Sciences, second to Animal Sciences and the third to Agricultural Sciences and the cycle would repeat. In case of more than one person being recommended by the Sectional Committee for the award of the INSA Medal for Young Scientists, the person who is first in order of merit in the list shall be given the award.

The award will consist of Rs 1,000/.

Announcement and Presentation of the Award :The name of the scientist selected for the award shall be reported at the meeting of the Council to be held in August. The award shall be presented at the time of the presentation of the INSA Medals for Young Scientists in October.

3) Anil Kumar Bose Memorial Award :

Established in 1987 from donations received from the family of late Shri Anil Kumar Bose, formerly Executive Secretary, INSA, his friends and Fellows.

Eligibility The award is open to the recipients of INSA Medal for Young Scientists below the age of 37 years as on 31 December preceding the year of award

Number and Scope Two awards (one in Physical Sciences and one in Biological Sciences) shall be made for the best research paper published in reputed Journal by the recipient of INSA Medal for Young Scientists on the work done in India in the subjects falling under Sectional Committees I to V and VI to X within five years from the date of receipt of the award of INSA Medal for Young Scientists.

Value: The value of the award will be Rs 1,000/-, a bronze medal and a certificate.
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Streeshakti Science Samman
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Streeshakti - The Parallel Force
Detail: Streeshakti Science Samman ( For the woman scientist of the year. ) Objective of the award :To honour a woman scientist who has provided an original contribution to Science in India, with research of high quality, which is relevant and beneficial to society. Criteria for selection Innovative and high quality research and work; the research must benefit social needs and the research work must have been done in India.

Contact: Contact Person: Anuradha Dalmiya ( Email: )
For more information visit:

Vasvik Research Awards
Ministry/Department/Organisation: VASVIK
Detail: VASVIK is a non-profit, non-government organisation established in 1973 and run by the Patel Family of Mumbai, who are the owners of the Patel Extrusion Group, with ISO 9002 certified companies. The Vasvik Research awards are given with the aim of promoting industrial research, Science and technology in India. Vasvik research awards are presented in categories to scientists and researchers who have excelled in their particular field. A special award is awarded to Women Scientists for their achievements in industrial research in any of. Nine annual VASVIK Industrial Research Awards, each of Rs. 50,000/-, and a citation to be awarded to an individual or group of individuals, who, in the opinion of the Board of Advisors, have made outstanding contribution to the advancement of science and technology or provided leadership leading directly to national prosperity in India. Consideration will be given to achievements in design or any production techniques or methods, particularly with regard to their impact on industrial and economic growth, import substitution, saving of foreign exchange, cost reduction, etc. Achievements within the past 10 years will be given priority. Following Awards will be given to Indian citizens for research in each of the following fields :

  • Agricultural Sciences & Technology (Instituted 1976)
  • Biological Sciences & Technology (Instituted 1978)
  • Chemical Sciences & Technology (Instituted 1978)
  • Electrical & Electronic Sciences & Technology (Instituted 1976)
  • Environmental Sciences & Technology (Instituted 1999)
  • Information & Communication Technology (Instituted 1999)
  • Material Sciences & Technology (Instituted 1976)
  • Mechanical & Structural Sciences & Technology (Instituted 1976)
  • Women's Award (Instituted 1981). Smt Chandraben Mohanbai Patel -Industrial research Award for Women Scientists: VASVIK has instituted this special award solely for women scientists carrying a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/- and a citation to recognize and encourage women?s participation in science and technology leading to national prosperity.
Contact: Address : Patel Vanika, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400 063, India
Tel. : 91-22-2877 1293 Fax : 91-22-2877 0570
Email :
Website :
Career Award For Young Teachers
Ministry/Department/Organisation: AICTE( All India Council For Technical Education)
Detail: The purpose of the scheme is to identify young talented teachers who have established competence in their area of specialization. The scheme helps them in promoting their professional growth by enabling them to devote maximum time in research and study with minimum teaching responsibilities. Eligibility: The scheme is open to regular teachers (who are not ad-hoc appointees or temporary) working in AICTE approved Technical Institutions / University Departments imparting technical education including Engineering and Technology, Architecture, Town Planning, Management, Pharmacy, Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Applied Arts & Crafts. It may please be noted that this award is neither a fellowship nor a scholarship. Teachers having post graduate degree as minimum qualification with consistently good academic career and a demonstrated aptitude with commitment to research work, shall be eligible for the award. The age limit for the award is 35 years as on the last date for application, with relaxation in age up to 5 years for women teachers.

Contact: Faculty Development Bureau All India Council For Technical Education Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, I.P. Estate, New Delhi ? 110 002
For more information visit:
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Detail: FICCI AWARDS given in recognition of Individual excellence and Corporate or Institutional Initiative in Economic, Scientific, Social & Sports Development in the Country FICCI was established in 1927 as a central organisation of industry, trade and commerce in India. The Foremost amongst its objectives is the promotion of economic development in the widest sense of the term. .It was decided in 1967 to institute FICCI Awards to mark the end of four decades of its own eventful career, and to promote individual, corporate and institutional initiative in economic, social and scientific areas. Awards are given in areas like i) Family Welfare i) Research in Science and Technology iii) Rural Development iv) Empowerment of Physically Challenged v) Environmental Conservation & Pollution Control vi) Outstanding Corporate Sports Initiative and Individual Scientist/Technologist: Cash Awards of Rs. 1,00,000/- each. i) R&D in Life Sciences including Agriculture and Bio-technology i) Innovation in Materials Science, Applied Research and Space Science iii) Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Based Industries

Eligibility: An Indian national or a foreigner residing in India. Any proprietary concern, partnership firm, a company registered under the Indian Companies Act, or a foreign company engaged in business in India. All public organisations, non-official and official, of industry, agriculture, business, education, science, research, social, employers, etc. Chambers of Commerce and like organisations, universities, research bodies, national laboratories and other institutions and organisations engaged in research in the public or private sector. Plaques with suitable citation will be presented by the Chief Guest to all Awardees. Cash Awards: Rs.1,00,000 will also be given only to recipients of individual FICCI awards. These will normally be presented in the inaugural ceremony of the Annual Session of FICCI.

Contact: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi - 110 001;India Tel No: 23738760-70, Fax: 23320714 & 23721504
National Award for Technology Business Incubators
Ministry/Department/Organisation: National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) Department of Science and Technology , Government of India
Detail: In order to recognize and reward the work done in the area of techno-entrepreneurship development through promotion of knowledge driven and technology based start-up ventures by organizations such as Science and Technology Entrepreneur?s Park, Technology Parks, Technology Business Incubators, Innovation Centres, Software Technology Parks etc., the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, has instituted a National Award for Technology Business Incubators. Eligibility: Applications are invited from Indian Organizations/Institutions engaged in incubating new businesses and nurturing entrepreneurship by way of providing specialised facilities, infrastructure support and value added business support services in emerging Science and Technological areas. Organizations in operation for at least three years. (This award is not for an individual)

Award Details: A Cash Prize of Rs. 1 Lakh and a trophy

Contact: National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhavan New Mehrauli Road New Delhi-110016 Ph: 011-30997059/
Telefax: 011-26854416/26517186
E mail :anitagupta @ For more information visit

Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Bureau of Indian Standards
Detail: Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award was instituted by the Bureau of Indian Standards in 1991, with a view to encouraging Indian manufacturing and service organizations to strive for excellence and giving special recognition to those who are considered to be the leaders of quality movement in India. This award is intended to generate interest and involvement of Indian Industry in quality programmes, drive our products and services to higher levels of quality and equip our Industry to meet the challenges of domestic and International markets. Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award is an annual feature on the basis of financial year. There are five awards, one each for:

Large scale manufacturing organizations,
Small scale manufacturing organizations,
Large scale service sector organizations,
Small scale service sector organizations and
The "Best of all".

In addition, there are seven commendation certificates each for large scale and small scale manufacturing organizations as per industrial sectors in these areas: Chemical industry; Electrical and electronic industry; Food and drug industry; Gems, jewellery and allied industry; Metallurgical industry; Textile industry; and Engineering industry and others.Further, there are five commendation certificates each for large scale and small scale service organizations in the following sectors: Finance, Health Care, Information Technology, Utilities, and Others.

The number of awards/commendation certificates indicated above is maximum. In the event of non-availability of suitable applicants as per assessment criteria decided by the National Awards Committee (NAC), any of the above awards/commendation certificates may not be given.

The "Best of all" award consists of a certificate and a plaque, gold plated silver salver of 25 cm diameter.
The other awards will consist of a certificate and a plaque, silver salver of 20 cm diameter.
The commendation certificate will consist of a certificate and a plaque, silver salver of 15 cm diameter.

An organization is eligible to compete for the award, if it satisfies all the following conditions
a) Applicant organization is located in India,
b) Applicant organization has been in existence for at least three years as on last date of the application.
c) Applicant organization is situated at one place or a unit of an organization housed at one location,
d) Applicant organization has not been convicted by any court for deficiency in product or service and/or found guilty of financial irregularities by any regulatory authority or court for the period from 1 April 2002 to 31 March 2005. An undertaking to this effect will have to be submitted.
e) Applicant organization is not manufacturing products, like tobacco and liquor etc which are injurious to health.

A Sub-unit which performs only support functions for the parent organization such as, sales, marketing, distribution, finance, human resources and health are not eligible. Further, if an applicant organization has earlier received an award, it is not eligible to apply for an award for next three awards. However, this condition will not apply to those applicant organizations which have received commendation certificate

Contact: .For any further information, please contact `Director & Head (Management and Systems)
Phone No. 011-2323 1106, Fax No. 011- 2323 9842/ 2322 1106,
Bureau of Indian Standards Manak Bhavan, 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110002
National Awards for Successful Commercialisation of Indigenous Technology
Ministry/Department/Organisation: Technology Development Board Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India
1.For the successful commercialisation of the indigenous technology:

The Technology Development Board instituted a 'National Award for successful commercialisation of indigenoustechnology' by an industrial concern. The National Award of Rs. 10 Lakhs is shared equally between the industrialconcern that has successfully commercialised the indigenous technology and the developer/ provider of suchtechnology. Cash award of Rs. 10 lakh each to -
(a) An industrial concern which has successfully commercialised an indigenous technology,
(b) The developer / provider of such technology. In-house R&D units can also be the developer/ provider of thetechnology.

2.For the successful commercialisation of a technology - based product by an SSI unit:

The Technology Development Board introduced, from May 2001, another cash award of Rs. 2 lakhs to be given to aSSI unit that has successfully commercialised a product based on indigenous technology.

For details and application form visit:
Contact: The Secretary, Technology Development Board Department of Science and Technology Ground Floor, A-8, USO Road, Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi - 110 067
Telephone No. 26537349, 26540111 Fax No. 26531862, 26540137
National Award For Women's Development through Application of Science &Technology
Ministry/Department/Organisation:Department of Science and Technology,Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.
Detail: This award has been instituted to recognize the contributions of individuals/institutions who have worked at the grassroot level for women's development through application of science and technology. This prestigious award is announced every year. It comprises a memento, a cash prize of Rs. 1.00 lakh and a citation.

Eligibility :The award is open to resident Indian citizens and institutions registered in India only. Employees of Department of Science & Technology are not eligible for this award. The individual/ institution should have a minimum of 10 years experience and outstanding contribution in researches, design development, adaptation or application of science and technology at the grassroot level for women's development. Individuals/ institutions that have received this award earlier are not eligible for consideration. Nomination for the Award can be made by Vice Chancellor of Universities, Directors of National R&D institutions, Heads of science based voluntary organizations, Secretaries of S&T departments Secretaries of State Departments/State Councils for S&T; earlier winners of this award.
Contact: For details : Head, Science & Society Division, Department of Science & Technology, Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi - 110 016 or visit or