Biotechnology Awards
Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award (IYBA)
Ministry/Department/Organisation: DBT
Detail: The award has been instituted by the DBT as an attractive, career-orientation scheme to identify and nurture outstanding young scientists with innovative ideas and desire to pursue research in frontier areas of biotechnology. The award will consist of financial support for a project besides a component of fellowship (Rs.25000 per month) for the awardees. The awardees, those are not in the regular employment can be attached to a senior scientist (Mentor) in a University, Research Institute, Medical/Agriculture/ Veterinary College, or any other institute of repute, provided the mentor agrees to provide laboratory space and other facilities. It is expected that the awardees will work independently and the Mentor will facilitate the awardees research efforts. Awardees having a regular employment will receive a cash award of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One lakh only) every year during the course of the project in addition to the project support. 
Contact: Applications (3 copies) neatly typed in double space on plain paper in the prescribed proforma with enclosures should be sent to Dr. T. Madhan Mohan, Director, Department of Biotechnology, Block-2, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi ? 110 003 . A soft copy of the application is also to be mailed to:
Distinguished Biotechnologist Award Scheme
Ministry/Department/Organisation: DBT
Detail: In order to utilize the expertise of active superannuated scientists who have made outstanding research contributions in biotechnology and related fields, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has instituted a scheme known as ?Distinguished Biotechnologist Award Scheme?. The main aim of the scheme is to utilize the expertise of superannuated distinguished scientists, who are still scientifically active and capable of making significant research contributions in biological sciences, biotechnology and related fields promoted by DBT. Eligibility: The Awardees should be a distinguished Indian Scientist in biotechnology or related fields. He/ She should be outstanding and continue to publish research work of very high standard. He/ She should be a Fellow of at least one of the following National Academies: Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore ,National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.&,National Academy of Agricultural Sciences 

Duration: The tenure of the Distinguished Biotechnologist Award would be for a period of three years extended able for further two years based on the review of work undertaken by the scientist in the first three years. Thus, the tenure of the award would be for a maximum period of five years, or till the awardees attains the age of 70 years, whichever is earlier. 

Details of the Award: Each Distinguished Biotechnologist would be entitled to a maximum amount equal to total emoluments at a basic pay of Rs. 26,000/- p.m. (basic pension & allowances, if any, will be adjusted as per Government of India rules). In addition, a contingency grant of Rs. 50,000 per annum would be provided for meeting expenditure of the awardees on secretarial assistance, telephone, domestic travel, stationery etc.
The scientist would also be given a grant (not exceeding Rs 15 lakhs) for implementing a research project proposed by him/ her for the award over a period of three years. The project may be for bench level research, policy research relating to biotechnology education, innovation within relevant areas for providing mentorship/ leadership to a young group working on this area of biotechnology.

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National Bio Science Award for Career Development
Ministry/Department/Organisation:  DBT
Detail: To recognize the outstanding contributions of young scientists in basic and applied research covering the areas of biosciences including agriculture, biomedicine and environmental biology, up to 10 awards are given each year subject to the availability of suitable candidates. Each award carries a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-, a research grant of 3,00,000/- per year for a period of three years and a citation. Eligibility: The applicant should be a citizen of India and actively working in basic or applied biosciences in the country. He or she should be below the age of 45 years on December31 preceding the year of the award.

Nominations: Scientists are nominated in the prescribed proforma for consideration for the Award by the following categories of persons or organizations: Secretaries of S&T Departments; user Ministries ( Departments such as Atomic Energy, Commerce, Environment & Forests, Health and Family Welfare, Human Resource Development, Industry, Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Ocean Development, Space); members of the Scientific Advisory Committees and Standing Advisory Committee (Overseas) of DBT, directors General of Scientific Organizations (CSIR, DRDO, ICAR, ICMR); presidents of Scientific Societies and Academies of all India character; Chairman UGC; Vice Chancellors /Directors of universities and deemed universities; Head of R&D Institutions; Directors of National Research Laboratories and Member (Science), Planning Commission. Nominations from individuals sponsoring their own names are not considered. The nominations should include a brief project proposal for future research along with the bio-data of the candidate. 

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Biotech Product & Process Development & Commercialization awards Ministry/Department/Organisation: DBT
Detail: Five awards would be given every year subject to suitability of nominees. Each award carries a cash amount of Rs.1.00 lakh along with a citation. Recognition of outstanding contributions of scientists/innovators/ entrepreneurs/institutions/companies both in public as well as private sector for a new process, product development and commercialization of a technology or a product in the areas of biotechnology and biological sciences including agriculture, biomedical and environmental sciences. Eligibility: The nominee should be a citizen of India or an Indian institution or an Indian company both in public as well as private sector, be actively involved in the development of biotechnology processes and products and commercialization of technologies or products based on indigenous research. 

Nominations: The scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, institutions and companies engaged in the areas of biotechnology and biological sciences including agriculture, biomedical and environmental sciences can be nominated by the members of Scientific Advisory Committee of the Department of Biotechnology (SAC-DBT), Standing Overseas Committee (SAC-D) of the Department of Biotechnology, Vice-Chancellors/Directors of Universities/Deemed Universities; Chairman, UGC; Director-Generals/Heads of agencies such as CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, DRDO, etc; Directors of National Research Institutions/Laboratories, Presidents of scientific societies and academics of all India character; Secretaries of S&T departments/user-ministries such as DST, DSIR, DOD, Environment & Forests, Non- Conventional Energy Sources, Atomic Energy, Space, Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, Rural Development, Health & Family Welfare, HRD, etc., Member (science) in the Planning Commission, Heads of Industry/Biotech/Pharmaceuticals Associations such as FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, AlBA, IDMA, etc. and reputed voluntary non-government organizations. Nominations will have to be sent in the prescribed proforma. The nominations from individuals/institutions/companies sponsoring their own names will not be considered. 

Mode of Selection: The selection of the nominees for the award will be made on the basis of the recommendations of an Expert Committee constituted specifically for the purpose by the Department of Biotechnology. The contributions especially during the last five years would be a major consideration in the selection of the nominees for the award. 

Presentation of the Award: The awards are presented to the selected nominees at a formal function organized by the Department of Biotechnology in New Delhi on Technology Day, the 11th May, every year. The awards are presented by the Hon'ble Minister for S&T. 

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