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Science and Technology Policy perspective:A critique of the Science and Technology Policy 2001March 2002 Publications  
As part of the implementation strategy, the draft TPS-2001 has focussed on academic science, funding basic research and manpower development. Attracting young talent into basic sciences has become vitally important ..
Indias Policy on IPRs and Agriculture:Relevance of FADs new International TreatyMarch 2002 Publications  
India can focus on promoting access to food by working with civil society groups who are not only pushing for the International Treaty to be ratified before the World Food Summit in June 2002, but are also attempting to bring to the fore food security ..
Origin Of Indias National Science PolicyOctober 2002 Publications  
This paper seeks to string together the authors early efforts that manifested this urge and sustained it for creating a national opinion in favour of harnessing S & T for development. ..
Policy Implications of Indias Patent Reforms: Patent Applications in the post-1995 Era  
This paper analyses the basis of the policy shift in India, outlining the new strategy aimed at raising domestic patent activity. Examines the capacity of domestic actors to raise their patent applications in the post-1995 period, evaluating the poten ..
Science and Technology Policy for a Liberalised and Competitive Economy October Publiations 2002  
Sumarises the main elements of a science and technology policy ..
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