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Indian ocean Experiment (INDOEX)  
INDOEX addresses questions of climate change that are of high priority and of great value to the US and the international community. The project's goal is to study natural and anthropogenic climate forcing by aerosols and feedbacks on regional and glo ..
Coastal Zone and Islands Programme  
The main aim of the coastal zone and island programme of DOD is to provide basic data and information required for the effective management of the marine environment, its conservation and develop technological aids for harnessing its resources. ..
Land Ocean Interaction in the Coastal Zone  
During 9th Plan, the Department is proposing to implement one of the core programmes of IGBP called Land Ocean Interaction in the Coastal Zone (LOICZ) for understanding the changes in the coastal zones at regional and global scale particularly due to ..
Satellite Coastal and Oceanographic Research (SATCORE) Programme  
This programme envisages development of algorithms, models and related capability for an operational retrieval of met-ocean parameters from satellite sensors. They will be fine-tuned and converted to user- friendly software packages for operational/se ..
Ocean Science and Technology Islands (NIOT)  
NIOT has developed considerable expertise in coastal and environmental engineering, ocean energy and ocean observation, its capabilities were extended to the island community by establishing a Programme on Ocean Science and Technology for Islands ..
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