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Journal of Postgraduate Medicine  
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine a multidisciplinary quarterly biomedical journal, is one of the oldest medical journals from India. The journal is indexed with leading literature databases. ..
Journal of the Anatomical Society of India  
Has various issues of the journal, information of the editorial staff, etc ..
Journal of the Association of Physicians of India (JAPI)  
journals in India. It is published on behalf of Association of Physicians of India (API) which has approximately 12,000 membership consisting of consultant physicians and specialists in various branches of internal medicine. JAPI has an excellent trac ..
Pulmonary and Critical Care Bulletin  
Has links to the issues of the journals ..
Indian Journal of Cardiology  
Indian Journal of Cardiology ..
Indian Heart Journal  
The Indian Heart Journal is an official bi-monthly publication of the Cardiological Society of India. The Journal will consider for publication manuscripts suitable as original papers, reviews and other special category articles pertaining to cardiova ..
Indian Journal of Cancer  
The Indian Journal of Cancer which exclusively publishes articles dealing with Cancer was established in 1963, and since than has been publishing a number of articles in the Journal every year. The Indian Journal of Cancer is also the official journal ..