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A history of Zero  
Many historians of mathematics believe that the Indian use of zero evolved from its use by Greek astronomers.The first record of the Indian use of zero which is dated and agreed by all to be genuine was written in 876. ..
History of Ganit  
Ganit (Mathematics) has been considered a very important subject since ancient times. We find very elaborate proof of this in Vedah (which were compiled around 6000 BC). The concept of division, addition et-cetera was used even that time. ..
Indian Society of History of Mathematics  
The official website of The Indian Society of History of Mathematics is going to be launched on 20th June, 2003, in the silver jubilee year of the society. ..
Ancient India's Contribution to Mathematics  
Between 1000 B.C. and 1000 A.D. various treatises on mathematics were authored by Indian mathematicians in which were set forth for the first time, the concept of zero, the techniques of algebra and algorithm, square root and cube root. ..
Science and Mathematics in India  
The first expression of mathematical understanding appears in the form of counting systems. Numbers in very early societies were typically represented by groups of lines, though later different numbers came to be assigned specific numeral names and sy ..
History of mathematics in India including map, references, India related links, and bibliography of scientists and mathematicians. ..
How was zero discovered ?  
It was the Indians who began to understand zero both as a symbol and as an idea. Brahmagupta, around 650 AD, was the first to formalize arithmetic operations using zero. He used dots underneath numbers to indicate a zero. These dots were alternately r ..