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Maadhava was born in Sangamagramma (near Cochin), Kerala about 1350 AD in India.Primarily an astronomer. He made history in mathematics with his writings on trigonometry. He calculated the sine, cosine and arctangent of the circle, developing the wor ..
Brahmagupta was born in Ujjain, about 670 AD in India.Brahmagupta founded an influential school of mathematics which rivaled Aaryabhat.a's. His best known work is the Brahmasphuta Siddhanta, written in 628 CE, in which he developed a solution for a ce ..
Bhaskaracharya was born in Vijayapuraabout 1114 AD in India.He composed a four-part text entitled the Siddhanta Ziromani. Included in this compilation is the Biijagan.ita, which became the standard algebra textbook in Sanskrit. ..
Paramesvara was born in in Alattur, Kerala, about 1370 AD in India.He played an important part in the remarkable developments in mathematics ..
Aryabhata I  
Aryabhata gave a whole new dimension to astronomy, mathematical rules and propositionsBorn in 476 A.D, in Kerala, the Hindu astronomer Aryabhata studied in Nalanda University ..
Ramanujan was born 22 Dec 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu state, India Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician who was labeled as the man who knew infinity, is probably one of the most esoteric mathematical genius in the Twentieth Century. ..
Sanskrit was the classical literary language of the Indian Hindus and Panini is considered the founder of the language and literature. ..