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Electronics Today  
Electronics Today, India's oldest techno-economics electronics monthly journal, was started , in 1968. Ever since its inception, Electronics Today has been organizing focused International Conferences and Exhibitions to highlight upcoming technology t ..
IEEMA Journal  
'IEEMA Journal' which is published every month, is devoted to techno-commercial aspects of the industry and utilities. Monthly bulletin, IEEMAIL is circulated to members, giving details of IEEMA activities, representations, policy changes, export and ..
'Resonance' is a journal of science education, published monthly since January 1996 by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India. It is primarily directed to students and teachers at the undergraduate level, though some material beyond this ra ..
Electronics Information and Planning  
monthly techno-economics journal to serve the government, the industry and the users by providing information neccessary for healthy promotion of electronics applications, electronics industry development and innovations, policies, and data. The journ ..
Periodicity: Quarterly A newsletter of C-DOT which is the premier telecom technology development centre of India ..
Voice & Data  
Voice & Data Online, the reference point and hub for India's telecom and networking industries. The only magazine relied upon by the community of telecom and Internet service providers, decision makers and large enterprises; it is the most credible so ..
Central Electronics Limited  
CEL has developed a number of products for the first time in the country through its own R&D efforts and in close association with the premier National & International Laboratories including Defence Laborator ..