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Indian Bureau of Mines  
The Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) established in 1948, is a multi-disciplinary government organiation under the Department of Mines, Ministry of Coal & Mines, engaged in promotion of conservation, scientific development of mineral resources and protec ..
Encardio-rite was incorporated in 1966 with the main objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing instruments involving high technology. It has emerged as the leader in geotechnical, geophysical, ground water & structural instruments and load ..
Orissa Mining Corporation Limited  
Orissa Mining Corporation Limited is the first public sector undertaking in Orissa. ..
Indian Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries Trade  
Contains trade related information, investment opportunities, research programmes, technology transfer information. ..
ESRI India  
ESRI India is a dedicated GIS and Image Processing products company. ..
Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited  
Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited ( MECL ) an autonomous public limited company, was established for systematic exploration of minerals, to bridge the gap between the initial discovery of a prospect and its eventual exploitation. ..
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