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Cotton Corporation of India Limited (CCI)  
Single largest Government of India Undertaking for cotton marketing in the country (except Maharashtra). Annual turnover exceeds Rs.1000 Crores. Associated closely in the ambitious "Cotton Technology Mission" for all round development in cotton produc ..
Directorate of Agricultural Marketing, Delhi Govt  
Directorate of Agricultural Marketing functions to provide marketing facilities to agricultural producers so that they can get fair prices for their produces. ..
Jute Manufacturers Development Council (JMDC)  
JMDC, the Jute Manufactures Development Council is the national agency for promotion of Indian Jute. The Council's prime objective is to provide better marketing of jute products, although it addresses itself to multi-dimensional activities. ..
National Centre for Jute Diversification (NCJD)  
This Centre is engaged in the promotion of jute diversified technologies through capacity building and assisting entrepreneurs & NGOs in setting up jute diversified production units in different parts of the country. ..
State Trading Corporation of India Limited (STC)  
The State Trading Corporation of India Limited (STC) is a premier international trading house owned by the Government of India. Having been set up in 1956, the Corporation has developed vast expertise in handling bulk international trade. Though, deal ..
Small Farmers' Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), Ministry of Agriculture  
We work to catalyse agro industrial growth in different parts of the country. ..
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)  
APEDA is an autonomous organization attached to the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of India. The main function of APEDA is to build links between Indian producers and the global markets. APEDA undertakes the briefing of potential sources on go ..